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It's a cold, dark night and we're wearing skimpy clothes. For four years, from when I was 12 to 16, she chronicled my adolescent exploits in a weekly column: "Treasure: The Trials of a Teenage Terror".

As we totter down a dimly lit side street, we realise we're being followed. Terrified, we quicken our pace but the car speeds up and we're convinced we're about to be abducted. Even though she used pseudonyms - loosely - my friends and most of our neighbourhood knew exactly who I was.

Hanson will be included in the Micheal Jackson recording of "What More Can I Give?

Suddenly the car pulls up in front of us, the door bursts open and out jumps . Sometimes I felt as though the whole country knew about my private life.

And when the columns were serialised on radio and TV, there was no escape.

A Saturday night in October 1992 and I'm 12 years old. " As she hauls us into the car and drives home, I'm mortified for two reasons.

While most girls my age are watching Blind Date, I'm sneaking off to a secret house party with a friend, having told our mothers that we're going to the cinema. First, her kerb-crawling has embarrassed me in front of my best friend; and second, by next week the whole sorry saga will be written about in a newspaper column. My mother, Michelle Hanson, is a journalist and columnist for The Guardian.

She must have written at least four columns before I found out.

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