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It’s hard to accept certain things and speak about what’s going on but it’s the best thing to do so you can get help before it’s too late.

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Teenagedatingabuse com

I also think people in relationships make excuses for the abuse but no one should be in a relationship like that because the behavior will continue and the end result will be death if they continue down this path.

If someone loves you they should respect you and protect you from any harm that comes your way.

"Random people (would) call me out of the blue, saying that my boyfriend was cheating on me," said another student, a sophomore.

"I would believe them, but then my boyfriend made me change my mind. I didn’t know what I would do without him,." Relationships like these are often unhealthy and may be dysfunctional. I called him that night and told him it was over." The Unity sophomore had a similar experience.

My personal opinion is that no man, no matter how mad they are should put their hands on a female especially someone the supposedly love.

Teenagedatingabuse com

This year, the movie-themed affair is called “The Grape Gatsby” (previous designations include “Raiders of the Lost Cork” and “Gone with the Wine”).…
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