The dating shame Free no password sex cams

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For something a little more serious, users can choose to “Get Date,” but if they want something more casual, then they can choose “Get Down.'” Keeping with the anonymous theme, no matter what a user chooses, the person on the other end cannot see who they are until they also choose to get a date or get down.

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"We met online" literally means nothing in the face of love.

You could say, "We met when I pooped myself in the supermarket and it was really wet and he helped me clean it but he was vomiting the whole time," and if you're in love, that would be the cutest thing in the world.

“It’s just an easy way of popping into the app, spending 30 seconds and then going on with your day – make sure you get that date set up for the week and feel like it’s not an overwhelming process, but it’s something that just fits into your life,” Hodge said.

So what keeps Down from being grouped with spammy hookup apps? Down took what was missing from the market (a dating site that’s not scammy or appearing to be too perfect) and created a way for people to connect in a way that they know is giving them what they want and not wasting their time.

Out of growing frustration with the dating market, Colin Hodge cofounded Down (formerly known as Bang with Friends) in January 2013 as a way for people to explicitly, and privately, state what they’re looking for without embarrassment.

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