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Romance to an Aquarian guy is more about companionship and compatibility – especially intellectual.Above everything, you need to be a friend to your Aquarius man with whom he can look forward to an intelligent and lively exchange of thoughts and ideas.And he is definitely not one to succumb to any value system just because it has been validated by tradition.

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They are not comfortable in deeply emotional relationships and like their actions to be governed by their rational mind.

An Aquarius man will be proud of his individuality and keen to keep his personal affairs to himself.

So the best way to get the attention of your Aquarius date would be to stand out from the crowd not so much in terms of dress and appearance but in your approach to life.

Show him that your thoughts and ideas do not take their counter from mere tradition but spring up from your own mind.

Reveal your individuality in opinions and actions and your Aquarius date will look at your anew.

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