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To make the field all dreamy, the bar's sporting 12 handles including Ballast Point and Green Flash, a small selection of vino to keep people wine-ing, and a full complement of liquor they'll be pouring into low-maintenance dranks they like to call “anti-cocktails”.

The research results show that three of the eight olive trees (the only ones on which it was technically possible to carry out the study), as dating from the middle of the twelfth century. But one point needs to be made clear: the date indicated refers only to the aboveground part of trees – the trunk and foliage.

In fact, the same research has shown that the part below ground, i.e. The outcome of the investigation must also be put in relation with ancient travel chronicles of pilgrims, according to which the second of Gethsemane basilica was built between 11 (the period during which the Crusaders were engaged in the reconstruction of the great churches of the Holy Land and Jerusalem in particular).

This is due to the results of scientific research, supported by the Custody of the Holy Land, on the garden’s eight ancient trees.

The research, which began in 2009, lasted three years and was conducted by a team of researchers from the National Research Council (CNR), and various Italian universities.

About 0.8 mile from Santo Road, the trail passes "Dishwater Pond," a small reservoir that attracts birds, coyotes (at night, anyway), and local kids with fishing poles.

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