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I started to write this post several weeks ago, but decided to wait until the i Phone 2.1 software update was released to see if it fixed the problem.The new software has been released – and I am still having issues, so I suspect some of you are too. There is a bug, either in the software for the i Phone or in i Tunes that may cause applications on the i Phone not to update properly.This is the easiest way I have found to get i Phone and i Pod Touch applications to update properly.

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The i Phone shows you by placing a number in red on the App Store icon: When you are in i Tunes, you will see a number beside Applications in the Library: Clicking on “Applications” will show you a list of the applications that are in the i Tunes Library on your computer: To see the updates that are available for your computer, click on “Check for Updates” in the lower right corner of the window: The “Check for Updates” button will lead you to a screen like this.

To download all the application updates, click the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you have just one error, it will look similar to this: In the 2.0 through 2.02 versions of the software the “Help” button was missing. Clicking the button takes you to an Apple web page. While the information given there can be of some help, the method they suggest is a bit convoluted. You will get this message: Click the Delete button.

Now, attach your i Phone to your computer and open i Tunes.

It's getting clunky on the older ipad models as well.

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