Turn off pc while updating

by  |  24-May-2015 03:14

Before doing any of the following, see if your computer will reboot in Safe Mode.

Once you are able to log on, you can repair the problem.hi, mahesh What exactly is written on your PC screen. You got to do more explanation because there could be other factors, if this proffered solution did not help you. I observed that starting some systems from safe mode may not resolve the issue.

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Recently during one of these routine updates, however, I waited for more than eight hours with the same notification on my screen.

I wondered if this was happening because of a particular update, and therefore routine, but that didn't seem to be the case.

It is however the primary starting point which has proved useful as attested to many computer users.

If the configuration process is 100% done as written on the system screen, you need to be patient, no cause for alarm.

If it works, you can then run the necessary updates manually.

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