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Here’s hoping Wilmore’s freshly inked deal with ABC allows his brand of social commentary and heart a second chance to shine. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Network: The CW When you find other people that watch certain shows, you make a connection much deeper than knowing you both witnessed the Red Wedding. was more consistently brilliant than in its fine first season, in part because the creative team—including stars Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, writers Seth Meyers and John Mulaney and directors Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono—regularly found legitimate pathos beneath the comedy.

You know you’re both weird and proactive enough to have found something a little ahead of itself, a little too smart or a little too ambitious. Undersold by its network, underwatched by the American public and undercut by its provocative title, The CW’s fantastic feminist musical comedy dove headlong into its second season with even more gusto than the first. Instead of merely parodying famous documentaries, they used each half-hour episode to quickly sketch recognizable and believable characters, focusing on their pain and humanity as much as their humor.

The list covers broadcast, cable and streaming services and also includes some high-profile one-off programs.

been infallible, so if you spot something that is (theoretically) missing, drop a polite note in Comments and I will (possibly) include it in an update.

To help you monitor what’s staying, what’s going and what’s anxiously riding the “bubble,” we once again present you with our easy-to-browse cheat sheet. We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel — including info on full-season pickups!

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