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by  |  21-Nov-2015 16:08

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Here’s the page of empty sadness that you’ll see when you click on someone’s beautiful avatar: These issues have been going on for about 15 minutes, with Twitter’s engineering staff posting about it seven minutes ago.

The issues are also affecting mobile apps, as you’ll get a similar error message when trying to update your timelines.

According to Twitter’s status blog and all of Facebook, the service appears to be experiencing site-wide issues, including errors on just about every single feature of the site.

So far, I’ve only been able to send and receive DMs without error; however you can still tweet. Along with the timeline refresh issue, you aren’t able to view anyone’s profile at the moment, which is a big problem, considering that a lot of traffic comes to the site via these pages popping up in Google search results.

Recently, Twitter announced not only an update to their i Phone and i Pad apps, but also the Android, too. Part of the New Business Manifesto is to update ourselves constantly as entrepreneurs.

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