Updating a modded wii

by  |  02-Mar-2015 07:16

As a result, they are often referred to as drivechips.Most modchips are capable of circumventing region coding and copy protection, which allows users to play games created in different regions, load burned discs, and use third-party homebrew software.

A disc drive chipset called the D3 introduced a radical change, as the chip the drivechip clipped to was no longer on the PCB.

Drivechip manufacturers chose to use a dongle method to trick the drive to use its built-in DVD mode, which was meant for a potential DVD player on the Wii.

In May 2008, Nintendo released a new batch of Wii systems with drive chipsets (D2C2) that look identical to D2C drives but require updated chips for support.

Near the end of 2008, a new drive chipset known as D2E started circulating which has about the same drivechip compatibility as D2C2 drive chipsets.

These simplify the installation process and prevent inexperienced users from damaging the console board due to improper soldering.

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