Updating avalaunch

by  |  12-Dec-2016 00:22

updating avalaunch-44

The additional files you see in the screenshot above are the changelog, bugfixes, and information regarding changing the Keymapping, Information for Skinners and the GPL - and as such are not required to run XBMC. For more information on how to set up FTP on the Xbox, please visit XBMC4Xbox Tutorials Forum.

XBMC can be run as the default dashboard of the Xbox.

That means that it is the first application that gets loaded when you turn on the Xbox.

With an FTP Server, XBE launch function, and easy to use design, not to mention its unparalleled ability as a media center, XBMC is a great option as a dash.

For more information see NOTE: Team-XBMC strongly recommend B4K3D PI builds of XBMC! ) Loading XBMC requires a method of getting files onto the Xbox hard drive.

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