Updating award bios

by  |  19-Oct-2015 20:04

You should be able to update it the same way you'd update a normal BIOS.How to fully reset your BIOSThis method is useful if your BIOS doesn't currently support a processor, and you want to add the microcode to support it.

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It just means the microcodes are stored in a non-standard way in your BIOS.

However, the method we just used for updating the microcodes should still work fine. LGA 775 BIOSes are usually around 1024 KB in size, so look for a file about that size.

This method may not work if you're trying to update the microcode for a processor that's already supported by your BIOS (you should use method 1 instead).

This is the case because this method doesn't remove the old microcode, so the old microcode may get used instead of the new microcode you're adding (we're not sure which microcode the BIOS will use).

The following command will delete all of the original microcode and replace it with the new microcode (which is in ncpucode.bin). If that doesn't help, you probably have a BIOS that doesn't support the method of updating the microcodes, and you'll need to use the 2nd method instead.

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