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If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us immediately and we will correct the situation, provide a refund or offer credit that can be used for future Legal Zoom orders.If you are like most business owners, you've probably been spending your time juggling the demands of your company and have little energy or time to deal with this pesky task. As a result, I’ve reviewed a lot of board meeting minutes.

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Updating corporate minutes

A number of questions were asked and extensive discussion ensued.

Sales & Business Development Update [Insert name] next provided an update on the overall sales progress and sales pipeline of the Company.

But, if you incorporated your company keeping corporate minutes, also referred to as , is required by law, and falling behind in this critical task could jeopardize your corporation's liability protection, tax advantages and other corporate benefits. We've put some tips together on how to write corporate minutes to help you better understand the process.

Tip 1: Record key company activities Keeping corporate minutes doesn't mean recording every meeting, but rather recording meetings that involve key decisions or key company activities. Tip 3: Keep it simple You don't have to have a legal vocabulary, simply stick to the facts and keep the language straightforward and professional.

I regularly get asked for “sample board meeting minutes”, especially among newly funded companies that are just starting to have board meetings and might not have their outside counsel present at the meeting (although most outside counsel’s that are credible and used to working with early stage companies will attend board meetings at no charge – just ask as part of your initial interview process with the firm – it’s very useful to them to be there so they can stay up to speed on what is happening at the company.) Following is a template for a sample set of board meeting minutes.

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