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Ideally, the store is your array that you manipulate as the application runs and you should not be needing to sync the array to the grid.

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Show Add Appointment Async API is async, we need to decorate the click event handler as an async operation. We can run this application and try to create an appointment.

In the method above, we need to create a rectangle (window) to display the popup of the operating system. If you are having trouble following along, you can download a copy of the sample source code from below.

We would like to read and write from one file.i.e Write the data to an xml file. It confuses me to see the 'write to XML' example create three files.

However the read from xml function takes on file name.

In this article we learned about how Windows 8.1 applications can create appointments by invoking APIs. Vipul Patel is a Program Manager currently working at Amazon Corporation.

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