bret michaels dating now 2016 - Updating firmware kodak digital picture frame

by  |  01-Aug-2015 01:24

It is interesting to be able to compare similar devices from the same brand, seven years apart.I actually prefer the industrial design of the older frame.There's certainly nothing wrong with scrapbooks for storing photos, as these will provide a more permanent option versus a digital photo frame, but the digital photo frame can be a nice companion.

I will have a followup review comparing four current digital picture frame models.

Kodak was early to market in the digital photo frame space, with the KSPF-2000.

I can certainly say that in terms of sharpness the screens are basically indistinguishable.

In terms of colours, the KSPF shows quite a bit darker than the SV811, and the newer frame is probably the more colour accurate of the two.

I suppose it is probably because most of the small LCD screens being manufactured these days are for DVD players, which do need a 16:9 widescreen ratio, so screens in that form factor are probably cheaper.

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