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Introduced in 1971, Super 16mm is a negative-only film with a frame area 40 percent greater than regular 16mm, enlarged to 35mm in processing.Because 16mm cameras and projectors are portable and easy to operate, early enthusiasts formed cine clubs to share their work and exchange information.

Many 16mm users switched to videotape in the 1970s when portable video equipment became widely available.

The Ann Arbor Film Festival still features 16mm films.

Each frame has 5 perforations on each side, with an aspect ratio of 2.2:1. IMAX 70mm films, shot on 65mm film with the frames positioned lengthwise, have no sound tracks on the projection print; instead, synchronized digital sound is played separately.

Click here to learn more about 70mm film, courtesy of In motion picture production, a method of cutting negative or positive film in which the first shot is placed on one roll (the "A" roll) with black or blank leader in the corresponding position on a second roll (the "B" roll), the second shot is put on the B roll with black or blank leader in the corresponding position on the A roll, and so on, resulting in a pair of checker-boarded production elements.

Click here to learn more about 35mm film, courtesy of A gauge of high-resolution motion picture film, introduced in the 1950s, which measures 65mm from edge to edge in the camera.

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