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That way, parents could practice their swing while their kids pumped quarters into Street Fighter. Why not use that to develop a coin-operated golf game?

With the help of colleague Jim Zielinski, that’s what Hodgson set out to do.

The game was even placed on an aircraft carrier and traveled the world with the unbelievable men and women in the US NAVY.

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GT’s latest installment, Golden Tee 2016, features a combination of these great features while also incorporating new concepts that appear to the casual and experienced players.

The courses, bring players to new heights (literally), but the game still retains the familiar feel that millions have recognized and enjoyed since the game debuted.

But, he recently acknowledged, “I was a bad golfer.” Back in the late 1980s, the software engineer resolved to improve his game. At the time, Hodgson had just started working at Incredible Technologies, a suburban Chicago-based maker of arcade games.

For his new employer, he began designing a large-scale golf simulator that could be dropped into oversized family entertainment centers like Dave & Busters. Incredible Technologies junked it, but not before Hodgson had built software that allowed him to create virtual golf courses.

In 2005, the video golf mold was broken again with the release of Golden Tee LIVE – a revolutionary always-online version of Golden Tee. update, LIVE utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring Golden Tee’s excitement to new heights by simply combining it with a tried and true feature: competition. At any point, in any pub, players can now compete against golfers from around the world.

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