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This chipset implemented Microsoft's pixel shader 1.4 specification for the first time.

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About a year later, the architecture was revised to allow for higher frequencies, more efficient memory access, and several other improvements in the R350 family.

A budget line of RV350 products was based on this refreshed design with some elements disabled or removed.

is a brand of computer products, including graphics processing units, random-access memory, RAM disk software, and solid-state drives, produced by Radeon Technologies Group, a division of Advanced Micro Devices. Three different families of microarchitectures can be roughly distinguished, the fixed-pipeline family and the unified shader model-families of Tera Scale and Graphics Core Next.

ATI/AMD have developed different technologies, such as Tru Form, Hyper Memory, Hyper Z, XGP, Eyefinity for multi-monitor setups, Power Play for power-saving, Cross Fire (for multi-GPU) or Hybrid Graphics.

Manufacturers of the Radeon cards—some of whom also make motherboards—include Sapphire, XFX, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Biostar, Gainward, Diamond, HIS, Power Color, Club 3D, Vision Tek and Force3D.

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