Updating sql database from an array

by  |  17-Apr-2016 12:16

Data normalization is primarily important in the transactional, or online transactional processing (OLTP), database world, in which data modifications (e.g., inserts, updates, deletes) occur rapidly and randomly throughout the stored data.

In contrast, a data warehouse contains a large amount of denormalized and summarized data—precalculated to avoid the performance penalty of ad hoc joins.

Related: When Not to Normalize Your Data Following a successful SQL Server installation (or any database management system installation), you'll have to create a database to hold the data (see SQL Server —for more information about how to create a database).

After you've created the database framework, you must organize the files in such a way that you can easily manage them.

One cornerstone of database design and data normalization is that data organization for storage differs from the information most people want to see.

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