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We can spare ourselves the expenses of new updates and we have a device which is ready for the road whenever we want to use it.

We can also get free maps for Tom Tom if we follow the sales available in their shops or the Internet.

A mobile GPS device can be used in a car or carried with a person on foot.

Sometimes street names change, or errors are found on current Tom Tom maps, so keeping your GPS device updated is important.

Go to the main menu of your device and select "Map corrections."Choose "Correct a map error" and choose the type of correction you want to make from the list of available options, including "Block/Unblock Street" and "Edit Street Name."Locate the place that you want to update by manually entering the street name or having the device list streets near your current location.

Once you have found the correct location to be updated, select "Done."Enter the updated information and select "Update Now."Tap "Map Corrections" from the main menu.

You can also click on one of the links below to go directly to the page you are looking for, or you can go to the Tom Tom support page .

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