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by  |  14-Jun-2015 02:00

I urge all bitfinex users not affected by the attack to remain with bitfinex once they have access to their account.

i'm will remain a loyal customer to bitfinex & hope you will to. Another factor is Shillbert tweeting like a crazed fanboy about ETC. there isnt enough liquidity or incentive for him to dump at these levels.

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Major Support - 3200000major Resistance 4000000Current Resistance turning support 350000 This trade is going amazing. 50000 is the current support level with 60000 major resistance.

I expect the uptrend to continue due to the uncertainty with the BTC price as we wait for news.

Scopes are used to give a level of access control to our customers.

When a customer approves access to an application, they will be prompted to approve the scope of your application.

expect to break 250000 over the next 12 hours & things to gain momentum at 260000.

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