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But don’t take my word for it, here are several quotes from mainstream Vancouver news sources, where they validate our mutual beliefs, and my job: A confidence coach. Referring above to two women discussing men who, “Don’t know what to say or do;” which is the number one complaint I receive from my clients, and a large part of our training.

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There is also no time to just talk the talk, when a New Yorker says they are going to provide an intro, expect a follow up within 24 hours. Then make a sincere effort to make an introduction.

You end up growing your own community and contribute to the overall collective.

It is so easy to avoid events and scenarios where you’ll have to engage in small talk.

And since small talk is awkward, avoiding it at all costs beats any reward. Learning how to navigate small talk and turn that initial conversation into an opportunity to build rapport is a skill – it’s a muscle you need to work on to build.

National Features Editor at Daily Hive, the evolution of Vancity Buzz.

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