Vanessa paradis dating johnny depp who is mads mikkelsen dating

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Whatever the case, Paradis appears to have moved on.

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Talking about the film, the enthusiastic words tumble out of her, all accented and emphasised and delighted."Woody Allen is just like you see in his movies," she says of her other co-star in the film, which is written and directed by Turturro. Not New York – Turturro said he didn't really want to know where I came from, whether it was Israel or a little French.

So I mixed them both, and I'm not the best at accents! "So I'll be surprised to see my accent performance."Then there's her music: next month the singer's current album, Love Songs, is receiving another push with a one-off UK show at the Forum in London."It just makes sense," Paradis shrugs, perfectly Frenchly, of her enthusiasm for promoting her sixth studio album one year into its shelf-life.

It's set among the Hasidic community in Brooklyn, also stars Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone, and is a lightly comic story about an unlikely male prostitute (John Turturro).

Paradis, in her first English-speaking role, plays a widow employed as a "lice lady" – a woman who makes a living removing nits from kids' hair. " She tried hard not to be distracted by Allen's comic gifts, all the while maintaining "a semi-accent.

"You make a record then you go and play it for the people. It's hard work, lots of travelling, being in shape whether you come out of a plane or a train or hundreds of miles of bus… Some days you wake up, you don't have your voice, you're tired, you're this, you're that.

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