Vincent cassel jennifer aniston dating

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Knowing all about their identities, he is after cash. Charles can’t go go the police- after all, Lucinda’s husband will take her daughter away if he finds about their affair. Verdict: Clive Owen in a well-paced thriller = Success. He has to find the money but there are two problems: Charles is not wealthy. Their entire savings are done to be able to afford a drug for their daughter…

Cassel: Well, it was a very straightforward bad guy, and that’s it.

I wanted to have a more complex and strange approach to it, so the fact that he has this split personality thing going on.

After all, Monsieur Cassel is a bonafide star in his native France, appearing in all sorts of quirky roles and movies, making him a bit like the Nicolas Cage of France.

If you’ve never seen a French film, you’re more likely to know him as the bad guy from Nicole Kidman’s Birthday Girl or last year’s Ocean’s 12, a tradition he continues in Derailed, the new Clive Owen-Jennifer Aniston thriller, in which Cassel plays Laroche, a thug who terrorizes and blackmails them when he learns of their affair.

CS: The first time you appear in the movie, it seems like you were trying to disguise your accent a bit.

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