Visual basic validating fields dating laws in washington state

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Why is it not enough for you to check the fields before saving the record?

You keep insisting on field level checking, but that is not always easy... Hi H, Thanks for ur reply, I got it what u r saying, if Before update works at form level then it wouldn't be problem, user says we want that after entering the wrong value it should fire the trigger so I am trying to meet their requirement, can you tell me how I should convince user saying that this will work only at form level,while saving your record.

Hello guys, New to this forum and new to access programing, my issue is I am comparing 2 date fields, I have to validate that Order Rcvd Dt should be less then Ord Comp date and Order Comp date cannot be null.

So I written a function to validate the field which is shown below, If I write before update on Order_comp_date field then I get run time error message : You must save the field before you execute setfocus method Private Sub Order_Dt_Comp_Before Update(Cancel As Integer) If Chk Fld = False Then Cancel = True End If End Sub This is my function ------------------------ Private Function Chk Fld() Dim is Valid as Boolean If (Is Null(Ord_Comp_Dt.

Users, particularly inexperienced ones, can find almost unlimited ways to enter invalid data.

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