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Tom Pfeiffer (Volcano Discovery, www) came across a rare discovery: fossil dinosaur footprints in recently exposed volcanic ash layers.Stromboli volcano had a peak of activity during early January and suffered a major landslide on 12 January.

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However, preliminary palaeontological analysis indicate that the individual that had left its (perhaps last) prints was different from and larger than any of the currently known types of dinos, but likely related to a subspecies of Diplodocus hallorum, a giant plant-eater with exceptionally strong built skeleton (perhaps able to withstand even moderately large volcanic bomb impacts).

Publishing the discovery Renowned palaeontologists from the Universities of Rome and Catania, as well as OPEC were immediately informed about this unexpected and unique discovery, but it was only after 14 months of thorough research to establish the authenticity of the footprints that this discovery was made public.

It may or may not lead to a volcanic eruption, possibly under the Vatnajökull ice cap. Discovery Tours : Our signature tours for small groups - we take you to discovery volcanoes and volcanic areas from close with an expert in their field.

These tours have a broad mix of activities and interests from photography, walking, study travel, nature & culture.

These are believed to have released huge amounts of volcanic gases and ash into the air,- something which is very likely to have had a severe negative effect on the dinosaurs’ health.

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