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These forty betties, chicks, punks, chanteuses and mad women from the hills represent the purest realization of rock and roll sexuality. The women you're about to meet have derived their everlasting power from one place over the past fifty years: the land of rock. They came to us with their guitars and their pianos and their voices.

We turn you to "Fast as You Can" and "Window" to find the Fiona Apple who controls the dance floor with her piercing eyes and wit.

— Santi White used to be known as Santogold, until a jewelry huckster/sci-fi auteur of the selfsame name threatened to sue the zebra pleather Spanx off of her.

(Nor does "the goth Liza Minelli," now that we think of it.) But Siouxsie Sioux makes a strong case for the sexiness of gloom. " Well, maybe you need to share our affinity for freaky women, but if you do. Leaning against the garden wall, alone, was a willowy brunette.

Even when she's moaning about dissociative identity disorder, she makes it sound like a creepy come-on: "She tries not to shatter, kaleidoscope-style/ personality changes behind her red smile. She took a sparkly strand of her tank dress and tied it around our head like a bandana. She had a low voice and a tough-and-skittish alley kitten vibe.

Whatever, director of "the science-fiction space-wrassling movie comedy Blood Circus" — this gold by any other name would shine just as bright.

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