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"I was in Philadelphia once," she said, with the type of enthusiasm that disappears soon after one turns 12.

"I stayed on the Rittenhouse Square and went to see Betsy Ross's House." She was here to star in M. I can barely remember them now." You know, now that she's so old.

"Zoe is really missing her mom and I think she doesn't like the big house and having to move. I got a couple of big gulps of water when I was in the wave pool but it's been a lot of fun,'' she said. She will do a Meryl Streep-style performance and come off camera and say, (as a nine-year-old) `it's only five more days until I'm double digits'.'' Her favourite part was flipping pancakes and eating spaghetti.

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"I love Roots here; I love to shop.""It's our sport," says Kit. And there it is, 20 seconds out of a short interview spent stuttering incomprehensibly -- she's a wily one, that Abigail Breslin. She's on the phone from New York, and she's excited to be talking to someone in Washington, because her older brother Ryan goes to college here (at American University) and she has been here before and "he's given us a tour and we saw the cherry blossoms in bloom." "They're soooooo pretty." Absolutely they are. She doesn't know what to expect from her next project. Well, I'll tell you all about it when I get back," she promises. CHILD star Abigail Breslin graced the red carpet of Movie World last night for the Queensland premiere of No Reservations, in which she stars alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart.

"We're extreme shoppers."Breslin, 11, is slimmer and taller in person, having apparently outgrown the puppy fat she had in the film. She's getting ready to head off to Australia to shoot "Nim's Island," a fanciful adventure tale set in the tropics. The great thing about this one is that she gets to play with lots of animals and be a brave heroine. It is the first public appearance the 11-year-old Oscar nominated Hollywood actress has made since arriving on the Gold Coast earlier this month.

Night Shyamalan's "Signs," her first role, shot when she was five. In "No Reservations," Abigail is forced to live with her Type-A aunt (Catherine Zeta-Jones), one of New York's finest, and least socialized, chefs. I don't like math at all." What she does like is acting.

During filming, one of the sets was a giant kitchen and food was everywhere. "But we'd eat so much that I'd go to lunch and not even be hungry." One of her tasks in the movie's kitchen was to peel asparagus and Abigail said it was a challenge. Food as foreplay hits the gag reflex "I wish there were a cookbook for life," moans Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones), the fabulously successful, impossibly beautiful yet romantically bereft head chef of a New York West Village upscale eatery in No Reservations , a shamelessly microwaved American rewarming of the 2002 German romantic comedy Mostly Martha . And she liked acting with her co-stars in the new romantic drama "No Reservations," in which she plays the orphaned niece of a top chef (Catherine Zeta-Jones), whose life is turned upside down by her new charge and her entanglements with fellow chef Aaron Eckhart.

"Peanut butter and jelly is my best thing and I love to do laundry and I like to vacuum."Housecleaning is a good fallback career because after an Oscar nom., it's all downhill from here, kiddo.

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