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"Teaching, for me, it was like -- wake up at 6 in the morning and go home at 7 o'clock at night kind of thing," he says. So, what I said to myself was, 'I'm gonna give this a couple years and try to put myself out at gigs and open mics and see where it goes.

So the question became, going forward, what would humble Lee do with such infamy?

Lee answered that Saturday at Atlantic City's Borgata Music Box with a handful of new soul-country songs (for an album he's releasing this August), some genuine touches of Al Green vocal influences, and a more confident and funkier lover-man persona than the shy singer-songwriter dude of yore.

Playing small coffeehouses, musicians offer feel like part of a small community with a common goal. "The camaraderie of musicians at the open mics and the cast of characters that would make it out to them.

Everybody was on the same idea of showing up to open mics every night and playing our songs.

The second was on Jam where a review stated, "A local R&B band Amos Lee opened the show ... The vocalist's unsteady stage manner." What first went through my mind was a "Hootie" situation -- everyone thinks Darius Rucker's name is "Hootie." Perhaps the singer was so often referred to as "Amos Lee" that he decided to take on the monicker and never looked back. Roughly 15 minutes into our 20 minute phone conversation, I brought up the Jam Base review, referring to his comfort level.

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