who is tracy chapman dating - Who is dating paul mccartney

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Embarrassingly, John Lennon was in one of his lethal moods and made some crude sexual remarks to the young actress.

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For Jane, of course, a trip to Greece had to involve culture, so they all trooped up to the Parthenon.

'I remember going around the Parthenon three times - I think to keep Jane happy - and it was really tiring,' grumbled Ringo.

The Beatles immediately clustered around her, kidding, flirting, and asking i f she'd marry them.

Later, Jane joined them at a private party in a Chelsea flat, where the boys proceeded to pop pills and drink all the wine.

Her preference was for the rock stars she frequently persuaded to pose, including Mick Jagger, Tim Buckley and Jim Morrison - and she wasn't averse to a handsome Hollywood actor.

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