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GEORGE STEVENS, the Director, works the control board, with a crew that includes, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, CARROLL BAKER, and ROCK HUDSON.

Suddenly the phone rings, and sound with picture freeze along with Stevens' face a second after he answers the phone.

(The original quote that is falsely attributed to James Dean was in reality from the lines said by Nick Romano played by actor John Derek in the film , which premiered on February 21, 1949.

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a apt description of the status of James Dean in regards to the "Shooting Star" effect of finding immortal fame while still young, would be James Dean's last film.

1955 was a busy year for Dean, he had already been in , that had just opened a month before, and these big budget roles allowed him to tweak his brand new $ 7000 (56K today) silver limited edition of 90 Porsche 550 Spyder, not just for street fun, but serious racing.

We'll talk about a low-down bad refrigerator, You were just too cool for school.

Sock hop, soda pop, basketball and auto shop, The only thing that got you off was breakin' all the rules...! James Dean, you said it all so clean, And I know my life would look all right, If I could see it on the silver screen., or even a Nathaniel Hawthorne setting, Winton Dean and Mildred Wilson's home, the Seven Gables Apartment Complex on the corner of Fourth and Mc Clure Streets in Marion, Indiana, a couple of blocks from the county lockup, was where their baby, named James Byron Dean, was born.

This nativity, via a farmer's daughter, after less than three hours of labor, was on a date many fans do not remember as well as his death: February 8, 1931. ), where the father, Winton now worked; and a friend, Bryon Vice, inspired Dean's middle name, not Lord George Gordon Byron as some purported, (you might think that when you learn how Dean and his mother loved poetry, okay, and Byron was born on February 8! The father had bettered himself from his previous employment in agricultural work to becoming a dental technician, and it was in this environment that James Dean started a short life of lasting fame.

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