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It was hard on the family as it was less then a month after the death of the eldest Walker child, Major Michael Walker had died while off-world when his team was ambushed, the plant was relatively primitive, but an arrow through the throat is often lethal, even if it's a primitive arrow.Following two years in this position Walker was promoted to Captain and was assigned to the USS Icarus, a BC-305 Phoenix Class vessel operated by the US.

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Second Lieutenant Walker's first assignment was with 4 Wing station at CFB Cold Lake, in Northern Alberta.

He spent two years here as an F-35 and F-22 pilot and in the later stages was recruited to fly F-302's.

Template: PC Template Lieutenant Colonel Jason Walker of the Royal Canadian Air Force was the Deputy Commander and Chief Intelligence Officer of the Atlantis Expedition, as well as the Team Leader of Atlantis Expedition Team 1 (AE-1) Jason is the middle child of three, born to a Canadian Diplomat and an American Air Force Officer, as such he and his siblings all have dual citizenship.

His father was originally a lawyer but was quickly recruited by the Canadian Government to serve as an Ambassador, and quickly found himself deep in a world of what seemed to be Science Fiction.

The Borealis managed to beam him out in time, but Walker's left leg was badly injured.

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