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As history shows, that was not in Rob Ford's game book.

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"I was 15yo & my boss grabbed my 'p---y' & told me that if I didn't like it I could find another job," wrote another.

"Guy in his 30s in the street grabbed my boobs and told me they 'were nice', friend had to push him away," responded U. resident Chloe Green, adding, "I was 13." Speaking to the Toronto Star, Green — who's now 27 — says she was "shocked" by the thread, given how many women responded to Oxford's tweet with "disgusting, inappropriate events that they have just taken in their stride because abuse is so normalized, even as little kids." While these conversations surrounding assault and rape culture keep happening, some worry it's not enough to lead to concrete change.

Driving through darkened streets back to my house south of Ford Nation in May 2013 my mind raced with the impact of what I had just seen.

Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack and making some pretty nasty, though mainly incoherent, statements.

"It will not be possible to dismiss these issues," she said.

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