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So to help him celebrate his milestone birthday, IBTimes UK have compiled a list of all of the best facts about Lithgow and why we all should know him a little better than we do now…For the entirety of the show's fourth season, Lithgow portrayed Arthur Mitchell, a teacher and father, who was eventually identified as The Trinity Killer, arguably one of the shows most prolific killers.

Lithgow's great performance even earned him both Golden Globe and Emmy awards in 2010.

He won the latter for Best Featured Actor In A Play in 1973 for the production The Changing Room and was awarded again in 2002, winning Best Lead Actor In A Musical for Sweet Smell Of Success.

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Actor John Lithgow turns 70 today, and whilst you may not be too sure as to who that is by name, you will undoubtedly know who we are talking about once you see his face.

You see, Lithgow is one of those stars that has been around for a long time, popping up in many titles over the years and is widely recognisable, but he's always managed to stay relatively out of the public eye when it comes to celebrity status these days.

There's only thing to say for his performance opposite fan favourite Neil Patrick Harris on the well-loved sitcom… Well, they might have never been played by the actors that are so recognisable as them now as apparently Lithgow was in the running to nabbing both parts.

Lithgow was drafted for the Vietnam War while in London.

He spent a week struggling to "induce in myself a feverish state of anxiety, depression, and near madness. After putting on a show for his physical and mental exams, Lithgow was classified as unfit to serve and was not sent to war.

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