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Hughley, after announcing Monday that he will host a nationally syndicated radio show, today announced that Jasmine Sanders and Steve Wilson will be his co-hosts. Some people want to push the envelope – I want to see if I can singe it a little,” and this team is set to help him keep afternoons moving.

I want to make people laugh a lot and think a little.

Instead of Demi Lovato, how about an Ariana Grande or a Kendrick Lamar?

Even though he’s Canadian, Drake would be a welcome addition (and I feel like his DNC Instagrams would inspire a generation).

“He’s more than just a charitable donor or a business owner committed to diversity.

There is a reason you call somebody ‘the Michael Jordan of’…

has detailed NBA Finals History information for all the finals, for example, the 2015 Warriors, 2003 Spurs, 2002 Lakers and more from their All-Time Champions page.

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