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Vince has a strong feminine aspect to his attire, often being confused as Howard Moon's "ugly wife" by supporting characters.This is due to his androgyny dress sense, which commonly includes drainpipe jeans, women's tops, large hats, boots with heels, a glitter-ball suit, faux-fur leopard skin jackets, sparkly accessories or clothes from high-street store Topshop.

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Also appearing in the show is Noel's nephew (really Dee Plume's nephew ,but Noel refers to him as his nephew anyway), as Kirk in the episode Nanageddon.

He attended Croydon Art College and Buckingham Chilterns University College, where he met friend and fellow Boosh comedian, Julian Barratt.

Vince has a "run-between-the-raindrops" quality about him, giving him the ability to land on his feet in the most difficult of situations.

He is somewhat of a golden boy, largely popular with most of the other characters (and comically, almost all of the characters played by Rich Fulcher), much to the annoyance of Howard.

When asked how long he waited, Fielding laughed and said, "Oh, about...

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