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Windows Installer contains significant changes from its predecessor, Setup API.New features include a GUI framework and automatic generation of the uninstallation sequence.

Windows validating tool

A component can contain at most one key path; if a component has no explicit key path, the component's destination folder is taken to be the key path.

When an MSI-based program is launched, Windows Installer checks the existence of key paths.

However, merely changing or adding a launch condition (with the product remaining exactly the same as the previous version) would still require the Package Code to change for release management of the MSI file itself. A feature may contain any number of components and other sub-features.

More complex installers may display a "custom setup" dialog box, from which the user can select which features to install or remove. A word processor, for example, might place the program's core file into one feature, and the program's help files, optional spelling checker and stationery modules into additional features. Each component is treated by Windows Installer as a unit.

A package includes the package logic and other metadata that relates to how the package executes when running.

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