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Our attitudes and beliefs influence our demeanor and actions (or we can become inactive or stuck).What I hear from my clients is, “It’s not going to happen for me, so why bother? Why bother to go on Meetups or to other places and events where there are single, eligible marriage minded people to meet? How does NOTHING help you achieve your goal of having a loving relationship?

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Dating is a balancing act between having the belief that love is possible and creating your best possible life as a whole person with a good support network of positive and affirming friends and family members. Talkwith Coach so we can have a complimentary 30 minute Meet Your Mate strategy session to have you meet that Marriage Minded person within the next 6 months.

And if you are completely shut off from this possibility to find love (and you truly want this in your life), then I recommend you seek help from a therapist or counselor who can help you work through the stuff holding you back.

With this form of dating, you must have a date in a girl in a very short minute.

In this case, you must make your dating plan in order for you to know a girl perfectly.

I never doubted for a moment that I would get married again. ” If you truly believe it is possible, then you will see possibilities emerge.

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